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What our clients say about our Professional Business Coach Service

Handmade Furniture

Bill has been an excellent coach, always supportive and encouraging. He has helped me think outside the box and explore options I hadn't even considered for my business. He tells it as it is and overall offers great support and advice for any new starter or an existing business in need of a boost. Thanks for all your help.

Recruitment Company

Bill is a great no nonsense guy that understands what it's like to run a business in the real world. You'll not get "fluffy" from Bill! You'll get great advice even if you don't want to admit it to yourself he's invariably right! Damn it! He takes time to get to know you and your business and gives timely advice that you can grow & learn from. Thank you

Website Development Company

"Bill and his team at Kent.ba are experts in providing businesses with support and assistance to help them grow to be more profitable and more efficient. They can be relied on for honest, straight talking advice and practical solutions to everyday business challenges."

Office Management & Support

"Fantastic company. Bill Fox really know's his stuff."

Customer Service

"Great service provided by people that really know their stuff. Bill has a great wealth of knowledge and goes over and above to help and support you."

Events Planner

"Bill has helped & supported my growing business, as well as help me get funding for projects."

Data Management

"Bill Fox helped get our business to where it is today. A happy, thriving, growing organisation. Bill and Kent Business Advisors provide practical and pragmatic assistance in terms of coaching and helping secure external funding. We recommend them strongly!"

Community Volunteer at Retired

"Bill is thoughtful, considered and calm.
He has a real-world experience and a measured approach. If you're looking for a professional business coach, Bill is your man."

Electrical Contractor

"As a young business owner, with a keen attitude to growing a successful business, the best team of advisers is essential."

"We have enjoyed strong growth (circa 14% year on year) over the last 8 years, however since working with Bill, we are starting to put systems in place to build a winning team and grow at a substantially faster rate."

Control Systems Company

"I am now four months into the coaching process but already I feel in control of my business, I rarely work weekends now. We have just started on plans for growing the business and I firmly believe that the future of the business is only going to be governed by how far I want to take it, the sky is the limit.
Without Bill’s professional business coach service would have simply walked away by now and missed the opportunity of a lifetime."

Blinds & Curtain Supplier

"Having been in business for over 20 years taking Bill on as my business coach was a difficult decision, working with Bill on my business for over 6 months now – I can certainly see the difference and wished I taken on a coach years ago. I’m working less and earning more."

Car Valeting Company

"Employing Bill as our professional business coach has been a real eye opener, we have been in business for over 18 years. We now have a business plan & budgets in place and can track our performance on a daily or even hourly basis. We are now better organised to deliver controllable growth and profits going forward."

Printing Company

"Our business was established in 1888 and I employed Bill to help get my business systemised and to get back my personal life. We have been working on the business for the past few months and have already implemented major plans that will help me grow the business."

Marketing Company

"Working with Bill has helped me get clarity and focus in my business, after 3 months working together I am moving to new offices and things are really starting to happen in my business and I would Bill's professional business service to anyone"

Community Care Company

"Having been in business 16 years I was exhausted and finding it increasingly difficult to manage my time. In fact, I hated managing a business. I struggled on – regularly working until 2 am – until enough was enough. The first consultation was a revelation, in just 2 hours I was able to work through a number of issues which amazingly gave me an extra 5 hours a week. By talking to Bill I was able to see my business objectively. Over the following months, I have worked with Bill weekly. I am now in a position to work normal working hours, I am far more organised in my working life which has dramatically improved my private life. Since working with Bill I have begun to consider myself a business person. I am still a nurse and a teacher but that’s not where my focus is anymore. My focus is now running my business. Bill is a professional business coach, offering new ways of looking at things I would never have thought myself."

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