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Business Planning

It's critical to understand the key ingredients of how to write a winning business plan, follow our step by step guide to help you write your Business Plan.

1. Executive Summary
  • Brief description of your business, products and/or services.
  • Amount of financing required.
  • How the money will be used.
  • How the money will be repaid.
  • Summary of sales, profits and cash flow needs.
  • Business Description

2. How the business is unique and why it appeals to customers

  • Primary differences to competitors
  • Vision, Mission, Business Goals
  • Legal structure
  • Facilities

3. Products and Services

  • What you offer
  • Positioning
  • Expansion / synergy
  • Cost / profit for services
  • Life cycle
  • Customer Profile – Franchisee, Coaching client

4. Industry Analysis

  • Demand, trends, outlook
  • Barriers to growth
  • Innovation
  • Economic and regulatory impacts
  • Reputation and Image

5. Market Analysis

  • Market to industry comparison
  • Market trends
  • Factors influencing the business plan
  • Target markets – definition of customers, size of market segments, specific needs
  • Competitor Analysis

6. Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Marketing tools and strategies
  • Sales model
  • Primary target groups and strategies by group
  • Measures of performance
  • Market testing

7. Management, Operations and Organisation

  • Governance
  • Management and Staff
  • Decision Making and Business Development

8. Financial Plan

  • Financial Projections
  • Financial Planning tools and processes

9. Contingency Plan

  • Plans for managing unexpected results

- Failure of forecast, management loss, etc.

10. Implementation Plan

  • Transition and start-up
  • First 90 days
  • First year

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