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Kent BA - Business Advice in Kent

1. Support for your Business Plan

How you plan for the overall direction and operation of your organisation:

  • High-Level Aims, Objectives and Targets
  • The leadership of Management & Staff
  • Market position and Competition
  • Key Processes & Resources
  • Performance Measurement & Improvement
  • Access-to-Finance
Kent BA - Business Training in Kent

2. DO-Take action on your business plan

How you make operational plans (product & service delivery) and carry them out:

  • Design of products & services
  • Setting down systems, processes, procedures
  • Allocating resources, people and communicating plans (what’s expected)
  • Scheduling work and monitoring performance (information about results)
Kent BA - Business Growth in Kent

3. Check how your Business is doing

How you gather and analyse information:

  • Gathering performance information about your business.
  • Analysing results against objectives & targets
  • Communicating efficiency and effectiveness achievements to Management and Staff e.g. “Score Cards” / “Results Dashboards”
  • Identifying the important “gaps” in performance
Kent BA - Business Consultants in Kent

4. Act-Revise Business performance

Using performance information to decide priorities for action and to revise established Plans.

  • Processes for evaluating the outcomes of formal reviews of overall organisations Performance
  • Operating a system for prioritising the needs for change
  • Coordinating change actions by means of formal Improvement Plans
  • Revising existing Business Plans to incorporate the key elements from the Check and Act stages

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